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About FTF Spell Bee

FTF Spell Bee is dedicated to provide excellent vocabulary and FTF Spell Bee word lists for school, district/county, regional and FTF Spell Bee competitions. We also provide an easy to use online software to prepare vocabulary and spelling word lists very fast.

We are a one stop website for all vocabulary and spelling competitions. With FTF Spell Bee, you don’t need to use any other word lists for vocabulary and FTF Spell Bee competitions. Whether you are looking for school FTF Spell Bee word list, district FTF Spell Bee word list, regional FTF Spell Bee word list, or national FTF Spell Bee word list, we have them all here.

Our focus starts from 3 year old child to the jobseekers. The early start of skill will make a drastic change in the society. The child will develop its social responsibility towards the society from his /her house and parents itself.

What Makes FTF Spell Bee Great?

Welcome to Spell Bee

Spell Bee is a Online Voice spelling competition for students from Age Group 4.5 to 16 years. This contest tests the spelling of the spellers which needs to learn, play, explore with new words. FTF also trains the spell formation and groom the vocabularies in transforming spellers in being competitive and challenging.

We provide words to the speller’s level by level. It is journey from Inter-School Level to International Level.

2020, FTF spellers has won 1st runner-up in Junior Category and 2nd runner up in Senior Category with Voice Spell Bee, Nigeria, were 9 countries participated.

Comprehensive Word Lists

In addition to spelling, we also provide modules to prepare vocabulary, roots, homonyms, and phrased/hyphenated words.

Spelling Formation Preparation

We provide training to the spellers in short and long duration to the spellers in customized form. Phonics, Read and Spell is one of the way to develop a good spelling habits and form a natural communication on social media, academics and mobile texting. while spelling is only one aspect of productive language knowledge, it tends to be a rather obvious one.

Spelling also helps to develop the meaning of the words. Reading and spelling skills are related, as spelling is part of the sound-letter mapping children need to decode words

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