About Us

relative Fostering the future (FTF) is skill development training center whose origin is from Central India. During Industrial Meet at Colleges and various Government Seminars the requirement of skilled youth was required very severely. The Various Government Senior functionaries demanded the college Management members to develop their students, as per the requirement of various sectors.

With the aim on mind, students are all equal whether it is in central, east, west or south. The skill development in every single individual is vital important role for job seekers or entrepreneur.

FTF planned to start this project from Trivandrum Kerala, due to 100 % literacy and students enthusiasm in learning new challenges.

Improved training and skill development is the challenge for providing decent employment opportunities to the youth population and is necessary to sustain the high growth momentum.

Our focus starts from 3 year old child to the jobseekers. The early start of skill will make a drastic change in the society. The child will develop its social responsibility towards the society from his /her house and parents itself.

We develop the Learner on social and physical areas. Parents plays the main role in this FTF to develop the learner to become a good human being in the society.

We also promote the Learner, who wants to establish their own set-up as per metro pattern, for the development of society.


Mission & Vision

business consulting


To develop empathy, wisdom and courage (EWC) in every single individual.

lawyer consulting


To provide skilled practical trained job seekers to companies.

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