Director's Message

lawyer consulting Deepa Dagaonkar, Director & Sr. Trainer

Competition is getting tougher year after year . This competition is not only in studies, in life also. For this competition, it is always to have Expert advice either in the form of mentors or parents. Fostering means nurturing the competition and grooming every single individual.

Our young generation love luxury, contempt for authority, prefer isolated life, elders are secondary, some contradict their parents which is unnecessary, arguments before the company working culture, no selective food

We are launching a new project of Corporate Social responsibility by promoting education and also establishing a tie-up with the companies of public and private sectors.

Head quarters in Trivandrum. Gathering bouquet of various sectors experience in launching this new skill development training centres.

We are offering integrated suite of services to all sectors like banking, insurance, real estate, industry, education, manufacturing sectors. Tie-up with various corporate sectors, we will be able to achieve strategic goals in removing the tag of freshers from all job-seekers and career oriented individual.

Since, inception we are in process of apprehensive with higher secondary students and college pass-out students. These students will be nurtured as per the requirement of corporate sectors and framed candidates are awarded to the companies from first day onwards.

Skill and knowledge are the driving forces for economic growth and social development for any country.We interact with the industry on the regular basis and try to find out their requirements so that the students can be groomed accordingly. We are coming up with industry oriented courses to prepare our students for the corporate world.

We tie up with top companies and expert lecturers will be provided by the company itself. If all dot matches, they will be given assistance for recruitment in spotted companies.

My message to students, you are technical groomed but to compete this technological world, you have to be skilled as per the market requirement. So put a lot of focus on the part of the education.

I once again take this opportunity to Welcome to Fostering the Future.

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